My Swiss Roots!



This is where I come from, a small valley called Valle Morobbia in the Canton Ticino in Switzerland from a very small village called Pianezzo but beautiful and peaceful
At the end of the valley there is even a Mountain Pass called Passo San Jorio which is the frontier between Switzerland and Italy!!
Do you know many people that have a Saint name and a Pass named after it??

I am a Swiss Hotelier specialized in the Engineering Operations, not the usual Swiss Hotelier who will mostly be a General Manager, Chef, VP…..who knows may be I am the first Swiss Hotelier that is in the Engineering field living and working in the Hospitality Industry outside of Switzerland!

I am married and have 3 beautiful girls, I have taken my family with me around the world in Ecuador, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Italy, UK, Belgium and now we are in Mexico on the very nice Riviera Maya.

This blog will relate my experiences around the world, what it means to meet new people from different cultures, backgrounds and education, the day to day life with its pleasures and problems!

I will do my best in order to be funny and keeping you interested!

Saluti da Patrick Jorio, CEOE